2011 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 110,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


Love at sHoRt notice

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Love At Short Notice

It all began with the Holy Chat engine, (you guessed right YAHOO !!), I found a girl. (Well all do whats new in this). Right.

This was a curious case (not like that of Benjamin Button), but ya a curious case.

Just chatting in Yahoo is what, my life made of (at leisure). You’ll find all type of guys and gals there, Straights to Gays, Gays to Lesbians, Lesbians to Bi-curious and to what-else you would never guess.

Well she was peculiar, troubled by all stray guys on chat group, who sniffs any girl who comes in the chat room. Well to the surprise she pinged me and mentioned she’d seen me.

Well, well, what do I find here, a secret admirer.

(I should mention that I have my pic at yahoo profile, which she might have seen).

Well, she studied in the college nearby mine. She might have seen me, on the way.

We chatted nearly in the month of February, March, April and I never met her. Its seems pretty funny, but the truth is, I never met her. It was my final semester and I was to go back to my city Lucknow. There were two months left. We finally made plan to meet in “The Great India Place Mall”, the Grand and Holy mall of NOIDA.

(To make a note I had decent cam chat with her earlier, so I know her by face)

But we decided to meet at bus stop near college, I bunked my lecture at 10 am and waited for her there. She was there but I couldn’t find her. Finally, I saw her, she was hid by a bus. As the bus departed I could see her. Well, my first impression was not so good. Now I was standing there sneezing on her due to dust and a word from my mouth came, ‘Sorry’.

We boarded the bus and went to the mall. As usual I talk a lot and I did the same thing. I didn’t let her complete her talk. I could see the frustration. We roamed there for few hours before been spotted by my few acquaintances. I was hiding from them for the other half of my date. Finally the date ended eating at Pizza Hut (I just had money enough to feed us ‘Pan for 4’).

Well, I dropped her home and I went back.

The chat continued for few days. We met once a week. Went to different places in Delhi and won petty competitions which are usually held at malls for promotions.

There was a kinda good bond between us. Though we knew the long distance relationship won’t work. We came to conclusion that, we would be breaking up, but we would be very good friends and will call often and will have at-least a final date-cum-meet.

Well, we met at TGIP, NOIDA.

I could sense her state. It was the day of break-off. She wanted to gift me a T-shirt.

We went to Pantaloons and did a thing. The scene was this, she chooses a Tee and asked me to try it. Well I came wearing that and asked her opinion. She was quick enough to push me in the change room and finally did little kinky stuffs .. Ahem.. Ahem… 😉

It was awesome 🙂

Well she made my day … hehehehehehe .. but parting with her after this made me more sad.

I gifted her a Jumbo Card and a Pen.(which she keeps with her wherever she goes – as per told by her) .

We finally bade adieus. With the tears in the eyes we parted and didn’t see each other again. Also never now opt for cam chat (because of the obvious reasons)…

Well, this love or whatever it was, was really good, and was one of my recent encounters ..

More of my recent different funny encounters to come, stay tuned …

Sorry folks for forgetting you all :(

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Well, its been quite a long time I have written anything. Now I’ll start with the experience of these gap days.

Well, many new and funny things happened in my life including humorous incidents at job interviews, love life and family life.

Well I’ll write them in parts …

New WordPress Google-Chrome Extension

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To make a note … I’ll be quite active in my posts from now on … using this new feature …

Celine Dion

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This inspirational lady, has left a deep mark om brain and heart. I would like to share her few characteristics first :-

  • Unmatched Singer – Her singing capability is beyond recognition. All know her she is the person who when sing can make a whole city halt to listen her. Her songs will outshine Roman God of music Apollo.
  • Song Writer – Her original songs are beyond any explanation. The songs she writes becomes legend and all singers feel proud to sing her songs.
  • Fashion Icon – She has her own fashion style and fashion statement. She owns her own line of perfumes, clothing line. She is mad about foot-wears and she has plenty of them. Her clothing line is super-hit in market. She is fond of Gowns all kind… party, ball and all.
  • Real Lover – She is person who should be a “Love Guru“. Her love for her husband is beyond boundaries of age and world. Nevertheless the world made ample of fun at their marriage but she knew what her heart was telling her and it was absolutely right. Her love for Rene is unexplainable.
  • Dedicated Wife – She turned out to be a great wife. She sacrificed her career in form of hatius from music industry inorder to start a family. She’s been amazing wife and has been successful in mending and making a good family.
  • Excellent Mother – Her relation with her son René-Charles is unbreakable. She loves her son very much and take great care of him. Ever-since he was born she has been more powerful in her singing and her son not only real reflection of her as well as moral support besides her husband.
  • Responsibility Trait – Celine Dion was born to a large, impoverished family, she started singing at very small age. She looked after her family and supported them unconditionally. She has been greatly closed to her dad. At her Dad’s death she was broken but soon revived.
  • Wonderful Person – She is been actively taking part in nealy all charities I can recall. She knows how to help the people who are in peril, be it in Africa or be in America. She has actively taken part in many charity program in order to benefit the impoverished.
  • Enterpreneur – She is a great businesswoman. As I told before she has her own line of clothings, footwears, perfumes and many more. Her performance for Ceaser’s Palace was considered “one of the smartest business decisions in years by any major recording artist”. She earned millions by this. She is also a big gainer in all her album sales. It obvious that as soon as her new album approaches market, it is bought in such volume she reaches up the top-shot of Billboard Countdown. She has made millions in selling her albums.
  • Legend – She is legend already before crossing age 50. All artist are eager to share stage with Celine Dion. She has already sold 250 million records be it in form of Vinyl, Cassette, CDs, DVDs or Blue-Rays. She lies 12 highest selling artist (overall) and 3rd in Female Category.
  • Actress – Her music videos makes the heart of her fans thump harder and her fine action in videos has gained her recognition.

Thus, these are just fragment of the life of a wonderful person, who always dedicated her work to her fans. Her this trait makes me her great fan.


All my classmates and friends call me psycho when they see what a great fan I’m of her. She places a deep core place in my heart. Eversince I started listening her, I want to meet her.  Thats all I want.

If I get days, I’ll continuously write about her and not stop.


I have a great collection of  Celine Dion’s Pictures I could find from Internet. I’ve made them in gallery in form of page.
Do visit the page and give comments…..

THE LINK :-                      https://reasonsoflife.wordpress.com/celine-dion/



Sting In The Tail …..

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Well I should had written this post earlier when my result was announced….

Well Im hit again… its not the thing which is unregular but I want to make a proper note of the incident again.

The result of 3rd year was announced around 22nd of July.
(One will ask why I never mentioned the incident earlier)

Well let me explain it clearly I secured 78.5% in my 3rd year 6th semester exam. A percentage to be proud of, nope to me. I was again given a blow on my face. I secured marks as follows :

External Exam :- 335
Internal Exam  :- 450
Summing upto  :- 785

To my great happiness I secured highest external marks in my college, but to my dismay Im around 12th or 13th or even lower in row of getting internal… (the fav* prevails)…

Next 2 nights were sleepless for me. I could’nt understand what I’ve done, not deserve good internal.
(This internal may seem good to everyone but our class scenario is somewhat different)

It may seem Im marks freak and all, but still still Im a student who want to improve his total percentage. I wont praise myself but still I worked really hard this year (my teachers witness to this). Which I got result in form of highest external marks in the college.
Still Im always made feel Im not good enough. Not even that, I secured around good marks in the internal written examination conducted in college.
See Im not remorsing of giving me very high internal marks … but still if they would had given me the internal I got last semester (467) I would have easily overdone the 80% barrier.

Well now I complain for none cause this time’s external is somewhat blow to some of my class fellas. (cause I’d seen faces of their)

Avatar – The Last Airbender

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Avatar World Map

Avatar World Map

The Avatar – The Last Airbender is favorite of all animated series. Since it not only inspires positive aspect of inner strength, it teaches many moral lessons and virtues by comic episodes as well as serious ones. The other facts wch makes it my favorite animated included :-



The Avatar – The Last Airbender is my favorite of all animated series.  Since it not only inspires positive aspect of inner strength, it teaches many moral lessons and virtues by comic episodes as well as serious ones.

The other facts which makes it my favorite animated includes :-

  • The inclusion of Asian traditions.
  • The word Avatar is from language Hindi (my mother toungue).
  • The ethics shown features the traditions of Asian Civilization.
  • The inclusion of many Asian atticates.
  • The animation is blend of both the America’sCartoon” and Asian’sAnime”  .
  • The character Aang was so sweet and his hardships were greatly paid.
  • The imaginary world created by this animated series writers makes us  believe living in that world when were watching Avatar.
  • The character of Katara shows the sacrifices she made in form of her mother. Also explains the forgiveness is more beautiful then taking revenge.
  • The character of Sokka tells us that even though he has no waterbending power but still he is very much courageous.
  • The character of Blind Bandit shows, even though being a physically challenged,  she is equiped with enough, to make her enemy flee.
  • The character of Zuko shows hows the bitter hearted person can easily be brought under the state of remorse.
  • The character of Azula shows how a spoilt brad or kid can grow into a bad fellow, but has to face consequence of all misdeeds.
  • The character of Iroh shows even though under great pressures, a person can be calm and always goes for alternatives to overcome difficulties.
  • Last but not the least the main antagonist of this series Fire Lord Ozai shows how a ruthless ruler gets paid in form of shameful defeat.

Summing up all, the series was hit. Well I liked it to full content.

I will love if writers would had continued beyond 3rd series.

Im also looking forward for how Manoj Shyamalan dipicts this animated series in form of movie “The Last Airbender

….. Im eagerly waiting…….

Avatar World Map
Avatar World Map