Life in NCR………

1977399-cycle_rikshaw-delhi.jpg“City life is millions of people being lonesome together.”

Righty and well said by Henry David.

My life in NCR is same like that.

Earlier I use to fantisized about life here in NCR. I used to be happy for my migration to NCR. Life here is full of unevenness, hustle bustle and uneasiness. I dreamt of spending my life here in a grand way. I was wrong .Though I found varoius lifestyles dwelling here but none of them lures me . This place has made me stubborn and harsh .The metropolitan life is really dangerous. This City is what it is because its citizens are what they are. Fastmoving lifestyle made me so impatient that I get angry even at petty problems. Im totally entangled in this city.

At my home town though I get a bit relaxed but the tensions of life always house over my mind. I feel totally helpless under such situations. I have grown so ill-natured that I even show my anger to my parents on small things. I love my parents very much and when I do this I feel like to be dead.

NCR having full form National Capital Region is a treasure house of problems with no solutions. 99% of them are facing some or the other problem. Employee is worried of his salary,employer is worried about his profits and loss, women are facing problems of misbehaviour,men are worried about their homes, boys are worried for having girlfriends, girls are worried about how they look, married men are fed of their wives and engaged in extra-marrital affairs, married women are worried for their hubby, fathers are worried for their daughters, mothers are worried for their sons. No where there is peace.

“When you look at a city, it’s like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it.” – Hugh Newell Jacobsen

But in fact Im unable to understand neither hopes nor pride of its citizens.


~ by anujjha on October 7, 2007.

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