studying_19900_md1.gifIm nearly tired of ups and downs of my life . Till now ,no one understood me and my wants. What I can do is only to think about good things which happened in life. My conscience tells me to do good things but should I listen to it or rather listen to want my heart want me to do.

I have done many wrong things and also doing it .What will be outcome of those things in my life is unknown to me.

I have neary shun God and his supremacy for He has never given me any  joyment of life. Im wondered why Im capitilising letter “G” of God. “Leave it.”

My life is trapped in an open sea. No where to escape and only face storms of difficulties.

Life is rather like a tin of sardines and Im looking for the key. I hav’nt found it yet. I have many aspirations which I need to be fulfilled before its too late. The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.


~ by anujjha on October 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “LIFE AND WHAT ELSE !!!”

  1. woods r lovely drk n deep
    but v hve promises 2 keep
    n mile 2 go b4 i sleep
    n miles 2 go b4 i sleep
    -robert frost
    nvr 4gt these lines n keep movin in life.
    ol da best.

  2. Annujjha,
    I am not sure if we can ever find “the key” to the life. I think life is what we make of…at times we are faced with unbearable storms of life, but we must go on and face it as best as we can. I don’t believe we should try to arrive “somewhere” with our life. I think we should experience/live it the way we see fit, make it purposeful to our best abilities.

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