Girlfriends and Commitment

“Girlfriends” also called as “GFs” (in short form) , has become fashion symbol for boys. Without them boys feel imbarassed before others(boys). The boys are always in hunt for new girlfriends. They find one, hunt it and go for another search. Having girlfriend is so common that it makes me wonder how many of them are commited. The word commitment has lost its meaning.

Earlier, commitment meant to be with your partner till death. No matter what obstacles are there, be it society or parents. Earlier ,once you were engaged with someone you were commited with her/him. Those were old days. Today you can easily find a boy loitering with a girl in morning and watching a late night movie with other.

Having girlfriend is not a crime but if a boy likes a girl it should’nt be just a facination. If both of them are ok with each other then both of them should be commited to each others feelings.This builds up a healthy relationship. I think Im not wrong.


~ by anujjha on October 8, 2007.

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