A Sweet Girl

“A girl nearby my heart

 left me alone tearing my soul apart.

 Was ever I harsh with her which made her to quit

 or rather was she bored of me and left.

 Whenever I see her with her new boy

 my heart cries, where no one to notice and listen.

 Old memories still linger my heart

 aiming my heart with many darts.

 Will ever I escape from those memories

 perhaps not ’cause my misery had turned into my destiny…………………………………..”. 


~ by anujjha on December 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Sweet Girl”

  1. Your heart will endure. Overtime it will heal…

  2. u really loved her.. i wish she appreciated that..you deserve someone better! you’re such a nice guy, i wish you were my boyfriend!!!

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