CRUSH – I (Pre-Primary Class)

It takes a minute to like someone, and hour to love someone, but to forget someone takes a life time.

                         -Some Author

Child being innocent is not considered to be engaged in this activity. But I was…..   🙂  

Jokes apart , I have many things to tell about my crushes from school till date. Seriously the ‘cupid’ sir has always shoted me with boxing gloves instead of arrows of love. Sometimes I think myself quite backward and unlucky in case of love and “ladies la. la. ladies”.

Im going to enumerate about few of my crushes…………………


 My first crush of my life was none other than my kindergarden teacher. Though I forgot her name, but still remember much about her.

“Whats there in name?” Truley said.

Its her elegancy and sweetness which made her mark in my mind till date. She was elegant in speaking , walking, doing all jobs. This made her different from others. The cutest part is that she was vey fond of me. She played with me like toys. She loved me a lot. Most of my classmates used to cry while going to school. I was different from them . This was the only way for me to see my beloved teacher. The age when we are unknown of any kind of  ***ual desires or any such kind of feeling, I used to feel warm in company of her. For me she was first Goddess Aprodite whom I got introduced.

What next…. Yup….. class changed ,upgraded to class I. Now she was not with me any  more. Soon she got married and left the school.

The feeling of love she implanted in me was to be with me thereafter…………..  



~ by anujjha on December 2, 2007.

One Response to “CRUSH – I (Pre-Primary Class)”

  1. Seeds of the implanted sapling of love is taking shape,turning my geeky friend into a poet…hehehehe
    Guess wen i was busy memorising A for apple he had mastered the G for grls funda..
    Dude u should have stuck to te basics otherwise you wud have been her lucky hubby..age difference of meagre 20-25 years doesnt matter were a admirer of her after all….

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