CRUSH – II (Primary Clases)

Well the seed of love implanted in me started sprouting out its root.

Love is often related to sex, but in my tender age of 6 to 9 I experienced love , not once but twice. In the age when our body donot respond to presence of opposite sex. I had kind of feeling of Heaven by being with these two girls. I had developed a feeling of responsibility towards them. I felt like helping them in whatever wrong situations they are. I simply loved them.  

During my primary classes I had two crushes. Both of them ended in dramatic manner.

During classes.. (I wont mention).. I had a crush on girl ,I used to sit with. I had made up my mind to definately marry her when I become something. It was just like day dreaming. I was very fond of her. Her smile made me crazy . I felt like in Heaven being with her. I like to watch her, care for her. She was beautiful, good in studies and I seriously liked her.Well at the last a tragedy happened to me, she tied me a ‘RAKHIE’ . goosh………. real tragedy in my life. I was crestfallen ,with quakes in my life.I didnt complain to anyone, for no one was there to listen me. I had developed a sense of satisfaction in my life, cause my life is often stuck by storms.

Well thats not end.

My another crush was in class IV . It was the time in my class when all the famous guys of my class (offcourse including me….) were related to each and every girl of the class. I was among them. The girl related to me was not beautiful but yet she had a charming affect on me . Or perhaps I ponder that , having a crush on her was just a infactuation. I wanted someone to fill in the gap of the girl mentioned before. Well !! continuing ahead I must make note that sometimes I felt annoyed of being teased by others because of her. This crush didnt last long. At sad note I must tell you………she too tied a ‘RAKHIE’ on my hand.

 Well who gives girl this stupid idea of tieing rakhie?……………  😦

Chill yaar………. the very next year she left the school.

These two instanses did nothing but increased my hope in love.



~ by anujjha on December 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “CRUSH – II (Primary Clases)”

  1. a beautiful promise to yourself that would benefit the people you love but would give you much happiness in the end.

    Try to check out writer’s island:

    “Promise” was writers prompt last week. You might want to join.

    click here:

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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