Truth…… that worry me.


I can neither run nor hide
Nor can run far away from the truth.

The truth that I fear of,  if come out
May explore me and myself to fade out.

The truth with which I lived
Seems to protrude out from my heart.

Uneasy, precarious this truth makes of me
Making me unstable this truth has overpowered me.

Im not in my sense to respond
Neither can anyone librate me from this bond.

What should I do to mask my truth?
There is no curtain to conseal this bitter vermouth.

It seems this reality mocks at my disability
One day it will take advantage of my fallibility.

This truth makes me really mad
Reminding me all ills and wrong I had.

Nowhere to escape but only to live life at stake
And fearing for disclose and my life suffer quake.



~ by anujjha on December 21, 2007.

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