Expectations (from me……)


“Expectations”, the word that has it all to say,
The word which we even expect to express to say.
Though not difficult in meaning,
The word itself proves the convening.
Is life standing on methodology of expectations?
For yes, ’cause many lives depend upon its formulation.

Are expectations for me just a path,
For fulfillment of some old promises that I kept?
Oh no… if it is the truth…..
My happinness will soon be swept.

I have recently developed many aspirations,
I think expectations will turn them down into a contradiction.
I have one path to follow,
Should I do what Im expected or should my aspirations suffer gallows?
Im in amidst of a meander of life,
Where no one to help or no one to guide.

Should I speak truth to all those expecting people,
That expectations from me is like gambling on a lame horse?
Instead I must kill my aspiration and afix them using steeple,
The path Im going to take makes me to change my course.

“Expectations”, Im being chained by this word,
Chaining down tightly makes my heart to bleed.
Crying millions of time, no one to hear my sibbing,
For my jive and enthusiasm has started fading.
Since I’ve decided what to do and what not to do,
I should wipe my tears, steady myself, on what is now in lieu.   


~ by anujjha on December 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Expectations (from me……)”

  1. Very Nice… and rhythmic!! set yourself free… don’t be chained down by expectations!

  2. Thanks Preethi,
    a wonderful comment indeed . Speaking seriously in short span of my life I have got much unpleasant experiences of life.
    So attimes I feel really rejected and I want to escape to a world full of happiness and adventures.

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