First Night Of The New Year……

In the dark night tonight when I cry,
The moon and the stars are in joy.
This night when all rejoice,
I sob and cry with no choice.
The night which an advent of a new year,
Brings me sadness , wispering in my ear.

The feelings that I bore,
Are tending to give me sores.
This sadness is walking over my other feelings,
No choice left but to bear this unhealing.

What!!.. should I celebrate this new year tonight?
Or should I rejoice over my new plight?
Should I dance and make merry?
or should I be silent and be weary?
Should I look for my gift tonight?
or should I cry or be quite?

When I think this night about the new year,
I get confused ,whether Im gonna do my life the steer?
For my life is driven away from the happiness,
Someone Above is responsible for stoping its progress.

Even this very new year gives me a little hope,
For mending me up and giving me a little scope.
What should I think about this new year?
Whether it will give me a joy or again the same fear.
Since it is the first night of this unsuspecting new year,
The time will decide for me ,if it be a kind or an austere.


~ by anujjha on January 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “First Night Of The New Year……”

  1. hey u write b’ful so don’t b sad…start the new yr with a fresh hope!
    Wish u a good yr ahead!

  2. Thankz..
    sachi …. ya… u said right .. I had made resolution to change myself completely . Last year I suffered a lot due to certain reasons. Ive decided to start a new beginning from ashes of old tommorow……….

  3. 🙂
    that’s good…wish u loads of love nd luck!

  4. Thankz for support u r indeed one of my very good friend

  5. I see I see!! Untold pain in your writings but think seriously, things that hurt you aren’t meant to be yours.. We have sucha beautiful life ahead. It’s waste fretting over the past. You’ll have to forget it, eventually, if not today, tomorrow!! Give a thought!!

    If you do have a hope that the reason for you to be so low shall come back to you, then you certainly can ‘wait’ but don’t if you aren’t sure! This is our life and today is what we have got now. Yesterday is dead and today may never return so do what your heart says.. 🙂

    And hey, this is my perspective.. Your life might be different from mine so don’t take me wrong.. hehe! Anyways, interesting blog you’ve got.. Impressed 😉 hehe!

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