New Beginning…..

Now the year has changed .I smell a fragnance of change in the surrounding. I see the winter gripping up in the atmosphere .

Vegetation declining….Stray animals shivering….sunlight diminishing….leaves dying….flowers drying….

These few indications seems little tough to be accepted or rather one may not like them . What I think is….this is really nice….for it has always being my philosophy
“Destruction leads to the New Beginning” .

Because every positive perceptive has a negative one masked on it….
What we actually like is peace and serenity out in the world .But do we understand from where happiness and joy comes….No….Every joy and happiness is related to the certain suffering and someone’s toils .
What I want to convey is,….as the winter season changes to spring season ( usually called season of joy ,mirth and happiness) we see a gradual change in the environment and the atmosphere .We see changes in all the things which were affected by the winter season .Each and every object of this mother earth experiences a new nerve of happiness.

Green vegetation occurs….animals dance and play….days are sunny….new leaves grows….new flowers bloom.

The mother nature discards off her old clothes and wears the new one.
This cycle repeats itself each year.
Without even stopping since millions of years .This a part of the lesson ,which we should learn from the mother nature .

“The change is neccessity of the Mother Nature and all the being living in it”
 –G. Bernard Shaw 


~ by anujjha on January 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “New Beginning…..”

  1. Beautifully written! Thats how the world goes.. Which part of the country are you from? It isn’t cold anymore in hyd. It’s getting warmer day by day.

    And btw, thanks for regularly dropping by my blog!! Feels good to see a couple of nice comments every time I login to blogger.

  2. hi Bizz,
    well ur comment was seriously excellent……
    well I live in NOIDA near DELHI temperature here from past one weak is below 5 degree cel.
    since u r such a fine blogger …..i feel myself compelled to browse through ur blog daily…..

  3. I guess I’ll be reading all your posts tonight. *smiles*
    And yeah, don’t wonder if you don’t find updates on my blog for the next ten days.. Will be outta town!! Off to B’lore..

    But I have 100 posts.. Read them 😉 hehe!!

  4. That’s nice 🙂 You can come down to the cbox on my blog for a chat..

  5. I can recommend you some nice posts

  6. hey i loved ur blog! lets exchange links!!!

  7. Nice post, very true.
    Joy lose its meaning when no suffering exists and vice versa.
    And “The only constant is change”.

  8. thanks curious,
    i wanted to prove that….the life gets meaningful when the joy and the sufferings are blended together….this what is called true meaning of life….your wonderful comment surely proves my point


  9. Wonderful blog. Loved reading your posts!

    Happy writing 😀

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