HI !!!…. Friends sorry for not being regular in my blog
‘Cause I went out of station , But I read all ur beautiful
and encouraging comments……

Thanks to all who visited and are visiting my blog…………

Now Im going to dedicate a short poem to all parents.

“Parents, the only one who really care for us,
The only one who truly nurses us.
They are the special gift for us from the Above,
The only one who till their end bestows blessings and love.
Their care is the tool which mends us,
The power of their love is responsible for our success.

They stake everything to make us a proper human being,
They spend their each penny to make our future bright.
They make themselves responsible for our well-being,
They do all these without thinking, they can be in any plight.

They provide us all basic amenity,
Providing us all they themself live in adversity.
Though they might not be highly educated,
They find them in us, well atticated.
Their basic aim is to mend our personality,
Full of good behaviour, manner and morality.

Though their behaviour for us is always positive,
Why do we shun them, reaching the great height of success?
Why do we dicard them leaving them with no objective?
Why are we so stone hearted to leave them in distress?

Ask orphans…. who live without anyone,
And we….discard our parents with noone.
This very boon of God seems to become bane to many,
For they really forgot who arranged for their each penny.
C’mmon let us pledge before God, never to leave them alone,
For we are the only hope, who can save their life from cyclone.”


~ by anujjha on January 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Parents……………”

  1. Hi anujjha,
    Welcome back.
    Great poem, so true. The love of parents for their children is unlike any other kind of love we experience in our life, pure, unconditional, unyielding. But a lot of us including myself take their love so granted sadly… Any occasion/inspiration for this poem?

  2. yup curious…..
    recently I visited my parents and I don’t know why while returning back I was a bit gloomy…..Im teribly missing them and yearning to go back and meet them again…..


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