My School Days

The days of delight, pleasure and happiness,
The days of liberty , freedom and joyfulness.
The days when I had the first experience of love,
The days when I had the first break off.
The days which motivated me to study,
The days which that gave me my best buddy.

Yes, these days are my School Days….
Days….which I will never tend to forget….
That span of life taught me to live my true life,
Those days gave me many things which helps me yet.

The teachers’ memories still linger my heart,
Those teachers were mine parents at school….
Feeding me with the knowledge and information,
Never allowing me to think of any fascination.
Im indebted to those faries of education,
I bow before them for their dedication.

School campus still haunts my dream….
Remembering the canteen where I use to have my meal.
I still remember of forty buggs I have them to give,
The Labs, where I use hide from classes comes in my dream.

Those Golden Years of life are my best memories,
Those moemories are all real but not fantasies.
Whenever I come across that old building,
I get inspired, self-motivated for my new beginning.
That school life we get once in life-time,
Enjoy that time….but always keep your studies at prime.


~ by anujjha on January 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “My School Days”

  1. This poem makes me very nostalgic. yes I remember those days too…now it seems so the past always beautiful no matter how painful it may have been then? To me it does…even those tears and heartbreaks…all seems beautiful now.

  2. thanks curious,
    when I went to my dwelling place at the beginning of this new year.
    I had a visit to my school. The memory of my school haunts me often….thus gave me inspiration to write about my school days.

  3. I know school days were fun and am sure no matter how much you write you are always short of words!
    Good post anyways!

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