Born From Ashes

Hello friends,

Do u all still remember me…
ghosh!!!!  such a long time to connect to this family of

I really missed this blogging part…..

I was such badly engaged that I could’nt blog for almost 4 months…

I swear by God to be regular now on my blog….I thank all my readers who
frequently visited my blog to see if anything new written….

I want to dedicate a short poem for all of them who remembered me…

Right here from my side I say a word to you,
Women are just illusion as momentry dew.
Donot let your heart befall on her,
Cause you loose yourself as you were.
You feel like flying on top of clouds,
Among all, you feel different from the crowd.

Is this what we call love?
Cause this is the magical dove.
Or just we call it an attraction?
No! cause this have no sudden action.

Im right its love what leads to such emotion,
Have you ever thought what is this potion.
In my words its nothing but destruction,
Which changes a man into a slow motion.
Love is the key to demotion,
Changing status of mind and its notion.

If you ever ask me about love,
I’ll tell how it gave me a shove.
I was once jolted with this tool,
Which turned me bore from cool.

Friends, if you ever felt this emotion,
You are attempting a suicide in its ocean.
I have no second life left to continue,  
For my love got discontinued…
This love stuff made me what I m today,
Im happy and sad for all I have to pay…….



~ by anujjha on May 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “Born From Ashes”

  1. Hi Anujjha,welcome back.
    I hope everything is alright with you.
    I know love can be one’s greatest joy also a source of greatest sorrow. Your heart will find a way to heal itself with time. Time heals indeed…cheers!

  2. hm…i just read a book called “Brida” by Paulo Coelho try it…the message it contains might magnify your present state and clear it…

  3. @ always curious— thanks …. yup not everything all right I lost someone very close to me….. thanks for being wid me….

    @vishesh —– thanks…just as u sent me the name of the book I searched it review…well I see it quite interesting…

  4. annuja,
    I am sorry to hear that. I hope you will find peace in the midst of it all…

  5. i just wrote the review of the book 🙂

  6. @ always curious: Thanks
    @ vishesh : Yup I’ll read it again and understand ur point of view…. give me the address of it…..

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