Hi friends…..
my another piece of poetry…..
if you U like it…..surely give comments…..if not then positively give them….

Living a life alone makes me mad,
Having no one special indicates me bad.
I have long life to live ahead,
With no one different as you, I had.
Since you went away from my life,
I have no happiness or joy to energise.

What ever you did to my life was good,
Your influence mend myself as far you could.
You changed my style, my dress and attire,
My change was drastic and path for me to retire.

Lonliness as I mentioned is devouring me up,
No need of new life, for I drink from death cup.
I missed you so much but never did you turned up,
And I got treated like a stray pup.
Expections lead to breaking whole of me,
Feeling of being left by one never turns me free.

What you wanted and what you got is not clear,
For I know, you left me live my life in fear.
Your descarding me off shattered my life,
Speculations concerning me and you was rife.

I got to teach you lesson some day,
Cause I can’t let you go turning my life grey.
See how harsh I have become,
It is all because of you I turned scum.
Its now my time to take action,
For now I will avenge for all created chain reation……… 


~ by anujjha on June 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Reincarnation…..”

  1. ((hugs))

  2. i like the death cup,stray pup line. Interesting poem….

  3. @ Curious : million hugs to u too
    @ poison : thanks….

  4. think positive yaar!!!
    dont think that anyone discarded you!

  5. Always be positive in life. pessimism never helps.
    Loads of love & hugs.

  6. really awesome………… 🙂

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