A Sad Day


My life consist of only sad moments .


Today was one of them. You might be wondering why I’m feeling this way today … I’m in tremendously heavy mood. I’m being treated affirmatively by ones very close to me. I want someone to understand me.


I want a life free from responsibilities. I’m not asking a total responsibility free life, but a life which can move me to the directions I want to move to…. I want no driving force, always instructing me to do this or that… 


Is it really that much difficult I asked for? I’m tired of the life I’m  living just now….. There is no one to praise me. Though all are my well-wishers but I want no one to drive me….. I know my responsibilities and I’ll fulfill it when I wish them to do.


The motive of my writing was to pacify my anger and helplessness regarding a topic. 


Now I’m feeling a little less distressed. What should I do? Tell me please whosoever reads it. I want an escape from all my agonies and problems….


~ by anujjha on July 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “A Sad Day”

  1. since you love to write do this…

    if you are comfie with paper and pen write down your life story…just write of it in which ever wya you want,for your self..

    if you prefer typing..type it…

    you will feel really really good…

  2. days like this come but don’t feel low just try n be more strong n face ’em. And in any case, blog it! It will surely help u 🙂

  3. @ vishesh- thanks buddy ur suggestion is really working out nd i’ll sure work on it

    @ sachi- yup, the stronger I try to become, in some or the other way a situation arises which degrades my feeling…. although all these things keep coming in my life … I have decided to be optimist in whatever situation I may be in…

  4. life is not bout happy dayz ONLY…if u wont tatse da pain how will u know wat is happiness?every Dark night has a morning……..!

  5. abrloa.wordpress.com
    my blog – read be inspired

  6. start meditation. it will help you a lot.try this.

  7. trust me. everyone in this world is precious. you too.
    “You are the BEST…!” 🙂
    God spent same time for making you as he spent for others.
    If i m special then you too.
    just find out yourself and you will feel great.
    we are with you…! 🙂

    All the best..!

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