I Turned 20


It was my birthday on 31st July.

It was still 11:58 pm in the night when I got the first message from a friend Preeti . That was just the beginning…. as the time passed by I got 5 more messages till 12:00 am. I have to mention them who they are ….. Abhishek,Nisha , Anushree, Anubhuti, Sulbha, Aradhana…. I was happy to have my friends like them.


It was 12:00 and my parents embraced, wished me and kissed on my forehead.


But not the least …. the two calls that I was much awaiting also came….


It was my brother whose office hours ended a few minutes ago and was on his way back home  …..  he wished me and promised me a surprise gift….  We talked for a long time ….. then came the second call I was expecting ….it was my bhabhi… although she had a hectic schedule at her office but she was awake to wish me….. she asked me about my plans for today ….

It was my day today and I had made special plans for today…


I received messages whole night. When I woke up, I saw there were 25 unread messages. I read all of them.

My Papa has taken leave from office today…. Since I got up late at 10:00am, in meanwhile  he made certain arrangements.

He brought pastries, sweets, ice-cream bricks( butter-scotch, tuti fruity and choco chips flavour)


At present I’m in Lucknow with my parents in summer vacation… and I’m happy that my birthday always lies at such time of the year when I’m here at home…


I made plans to be with my parents the whole day instead of going out with my friends. Though I’m a great mall lover but my parents instructed me not to go there due to anti-social conditions prevailing in the country. It did’nt affected me much, since I was with my parents that day…


I got to eat pastries and sweets in the morning.


I was constantly getting calls on mobile to wish me… but I didn’t picked it as I was in roaming. I’m extremely sorry to all those who called me.


Well those who knew my landline number and called me, I replied to them…. I got call from Anubhuti … She was first one to call at landline …I was expecting her to give me a call… she said to me just 5 lines “Happy Birthday” , ” I’ll have party when you come back to Noida” , “Don’t forget my birthday gift and Rs 135 u have to give me” , “Again Happy Birthday” ,  “Abhi rakhti hun balance kam hai” … sorry Anubhuti I had to mention it …hehehehehehe …  🙂

Second call was from Aradhana … at that time I was going for a bath… I was in towel when her phone came…her words were” hey kaise ho… happy birthday to you”, “to aaj kya kar rahe ho, Noida aana tab party lenge” , “aur aaj aunty se jyada kaam mat karwana,waise aunty ne kya kya banaya hai”… Aradhana mughe zaror aab maregi …. Hehehehehehehehe


(I was getting a constant call from Rahul … sorry for not picking up the phone… and also special thanks for the message….)


At about 2:30pm my parents did some puja and tikka of rolly and rice was marked on my forehead.I was given Rs 500 each from my mumma and papa. Hehehehehehe.


My Birthday

My Birthday


In the afternoon my mumma prepared dosa for me… she made me remember my neighbor in Noida… as I was thinking about them, to my luck I got a call from her… She, her two kids and uncle wished me for today…


After lunch I slept and woke up at 6:oo in the evening. I got ready to go out with my parents, as we had made plans to go out for dinner in the night…

We first went to ‘Shivam chat corner’ , for batashey (Panipuri/ Gupchup , synonym mentioned specially for a very close friend  😉  ) and chat …after that we went to a shoes showroom where I got for myself a pair of shoes and flotters.

We travelled nearly whole market and bought few stuffs and clothes for me( besides I made them buy for me a day before … hehehehehe)


It was already 9:00 o’clock and I was feeling hungry… We went to a restaurant named ‘Steaks ‘n Shakes’ here in my area … it is quite famous here…


I ordered ‘Hakka noodles(with gravy) ‘and sundae for sweet dish …they are  my favorite … mumma and papa ordered some Indian dish … we all had a talk and I told them about my friends and my college incidents …It was already 10 o’clock when we reached our home back… I had the ice-cream again on returning.

There was still 2 hours left for this day to get over… I had nothing left but to see the television … which I did.


Well this day was really good for me since I was with my parents celebrating my birthday…cause roaming around with friends could not have been so fruitful…for I in company of my parents get totally lost… for no one is more important than them….     




~ by anujjha on August 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “I Turned 20”

  1. heppiiieee bud-day!!! (belated)

  2. thanks 😉

  3. 6rI’ll thingk about it.2h I compleatly agree with last post. kvk
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