Learned From My Past . . .


This poem is for all those people whom I  trusted and believed to be with me, but turned to be with those undeserving…………….




“I felt the heart ache and the tears as never before,

Couldn’t have imagined from them to give me the sore.

They cut open my heart into two,

Why would they ever do this to me, I never knew.

The tears are falling constantly from my eyes,

They stabbed my heart where the faith lied.



Have I done anything wrong to them?

Why their faith in me died of ?

Why did they sunk me like an ancient koff?

Have I done so bad to declare me a worthless gem?



I believed in them from the core of my heart,

But who knew they could have struck me so hard.

I considered them to be with me till the end,

Cause they pretended to be with me always as a friend.

I gave away my life for them for they showed me a hope,

For who knew they were using me as a soap.



What now will become of my life?

Will they ever understand my hurt emotions?

Will  I ever be able to swim away from this perilous ocean?

What will be the consequence of the newly begin strife ?



Although I’m terrified and full of fear of my near future,

But confident enough to rejoin everything with a suture.

Thunderstruck as I was has start reviving to boost in me a new life,

Cause I know I can still woo them with my powerful fife.

This incidence for sure made me as tough as lead

Will never allow their ill-radiation to make me again a dread.”


~ by anujjha on August 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Learned From My Past . . .”

  1. This poem is really beautiful. It tuoched my heart.

  2. hey i read few of ur posts….they seemed sad…r u going thru a rough patch in life or what? take care buddy…chill…..

  3. @ The Lover — thanks…

    @ Parul — yup… my life what I always seems has more amount of sadness than the happiness that I want to live with….

  4. Hey Buddy , things will be fine. The only person u can trust is urself and god . U’ll surely meet wonderful ppl …god tests us and will give us wht we want…all we need is to trust HIM

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