Success, The Path To Happiness




I was recently into a thing and I got big success in it. It nearly accomplished few of my plans pending. Well this piece of post dedicates to my success….. 










As good as, never before,

The feeling I’d started to bore.

Yes I’m capable of all I know,

For determination made my mind glow,

Everyone jealous of my success,

Cause I’ve crossed all the lines of excess.

Success is the fruit to deservers,

The deservers are spark for others to realize.

Success allows deservers to rise,

The deservers are confident with great fervour

Never happy, I’d been ever before,

For this I made ample space for happiness to store.

Happiness made again a person of me,

Cause I’m not now a locked lock without key.

Now I’m loving the way I’ve started to think,

I’ve mend the ship which started to sink.

Success saves the one from falling,

The one who excels saves all he yields.

Success is a tool for all to wield,

But depends how effectively he is using.

I succeeded, that’s all that matters to me,

I care least for one behind me.

I love success, cause it brings happiness in bonus,

Now I’m not subdued to failure’s colonus.

I’m top of the world to get a wonderful bless,

For I understood, the path of SUCCESS LEADS TO THE HAPPINESS.





Key to Success

Key to Success





~ by anujjha on August 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Success, The Path To Happiness”

  1. glad to knw u were successful in ur efforts…keep it up…

  2. Hi I like this site im glad you updated it . I like the new options.

  3. How could you reach success if resources is less?

  4. may i request an exchange link with you.

    with my blog

  5. nice poem, i can connect to it. Good for you on ur success

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