Hypocrisy of Pakistani News Channel


watch the piece of shit that pak news channel has to say about blasts at mumbai

according to Mr. Zaid Hamid Pakistan defence consultant), Indians themselves did

this. This was according to him was done to shatter image of Pakistan…. blaah…blaah…

please watch these series of videos.

and pass it on to others so that they could see what Pakistan is upto…..

and donot forget to post the comments……….







~ by anujjha on November 30, 2008.

20 Responses to “Hypocrisy of Pakistani News Channel”

  1. these ppl need help…they have lost it this time…

  2. hmmm… Valid points presented by Zahid Hamid. We need to Quit blaming Pakistan for our own personal problems. Although his tone wasnt right.

  3. we dont need to watch out these idiotic statements frm such low level religious extremists…
    evryone in the world knows the reality, even the news speaker knew it, it was obvious from her face that she was forced to speak what obviously wasnt truth…
    pakistani media unlikly to their indian counterparts are under the control of their government and they dont work independently….
    it was nothing new …
    specially the religeously biased undertrained politicians speaking without knowledge…
    so dont worry…
    lets see, indian goverment reply to the mishap…

  4. sale kutte kamine..sorry cudnt help it!

  5. sale kutte kamine..sorry cudnt help it!

  6. They are so out of touch with reality. They literally breed hatred in the country through media. Disgusting! The points that bitch made in the beginning didnt even make sense. I don’t even feel sorry for them

  7. @ milosha – well friend I can understand ur emotion at this interview…clearly seems, not even they have lost it but also left with no sound reasons to explain….

  8. @ subhash – well friend I disagree wid u I think those were bullshit points raised by that fool Zaid Hamid, I believe u r Indian … so ho can u say this, also yep.. it is our problem created by those fool and their land people, so time has come to strictly present our views to people, to bring mass uprising…

  9. @ manu – well manu I can understand ur emotions and ur anger, I saw this series of videos on you-tube, and wanted to present what Pak. media and politicians think of India today, even if they keep on telling about their good friendship with India.
    that news reporter indeed was herself stammering while speaking…well said manu … she herself I believe could be in pressure of other entities… the man Zaid Hamid watch about him in wikipedia…I found how he is well known extremist especially against Hindus, Indians, Jews, Israel… He is himself under many cases of starting various cult in his own country…
    its time now for indians as well as its govt. to look into matter of its loose points and to overcome all of them.

  10. @ lover – well said friend …Indeed they are now enough reputed after your abuses…I can understand it is their hypocrisy that made u speak the word of appreciation for them….

  11. @ anonymous – well friend u are right…they infact millions of light years from the truth…their media has been always pointed out in past of sowing seeds of hatred…that bitch’s statement made me much annoyed and angry…well much can be said about them and this interview….

  12. Excellent Program…and Fact is Fact!!

  13. India should pull out of afghanistan and the problems would be over !

  14. After watching the video and reading the comments on it, i have come to the conclusion that both sides love to point findures. both sides are not looking at things objectivly. i am neither a citizen of india or pakistan. for me what happened was a tragedy. that said, i would like to share a few words of wisdom. firstly, before any country blames another it should present it with facts and not fiction. 2dnly having the heart to listen to both sides of the argument.my view of our western media and their reporting from the indian media seems totally baised. have u ever wondered why any news clipping of pakistani media hasnt been seen on bbc or cnn. ? 3rdly, if this guy has infuriated you, then dont u think your media would have infuriated pakistani people? i think both countries have lied at one time or the other. and by the way things just dont happen. in law there is a prinicple known as chain of causation. if this dude is making up a chain of causation that is his free will, like your media has the right to makes its. so stop blaming each other and just get your house in order. there are numerous terrorist org operating in india aswell as pakistan. you take care of your side and let them take care of theirs. thank you.

  15. u are great zaid hamid..these indian alays put blame on pakistan..just like in samjhota express then what happen their own police man was behind it…we love pakistan..we dont belive in indian media they are so fools hahah…love u zaid hamid..bcoz u r not puppet of usa just like zardari…love u…

  16. zaid hamid is an ass hole and what can one expect to came out of an ass hole.

    the shocking thing is that out of a population of 160 million the pakis do not have defence and strategic analyst who has read his country’s history before self appointing him self as an analyst. this will only lead to war and pakistani which has never one a war with india will loose again, only this time i hope that the entire 160 million bullshit mongers are wiped out.

  17. the man with a saffron color hat saying that muslim dont use that colour. what a great intelligence he has

  18. HINDUS.. PLZ DO READ THIS…. u ppl think urselves as superior creatures on earth… but sorry to say u ppl are the most insane ppl…. u worship those idols which u ppl hav created yourselves… u ask forgiveness 4m dem…ask to bless u wid happiness….wat a hilarious thing… how could a non- living idol and statue give u anything???? u hindus are very short-minded…ur brians are empty… filled wid nothin…even ur ladies are not given any rights…. u hindus simply sucks….
    i ll pray to my god to give u ppl forgiveness!!!!!!!!!

  19. To I hate Hindus!

    Dude, it is not the Hindus who consider themselves to be superior but you Muslims with your so called Monotheism who consider themeselves superior. As an atheist I find the idea of God stupid, however to pray to something you can see makes more sense to me rather than talking to yourself and bowing your head infront of an imaginary deity whose existance is yet to be proven.

    You must definately be an Indian hating Muslim living in India, consuming our resources, breeding like a rat, without paying taxes and blaming India for all of your problems. If you Muslims are suffering so much here why don;t you just go to pakistan or wherever you guys believe that you came from.
    India would be much better without you rats living here, breeding like flies and consuming resources at a irreplenisible rate.
    You can pray to whatever non-existant deity you wish to, but the fact is that there isn’t one and so you can’t be forgiven.

    One more thing, you idiots are nothing but trouble so get the hell out of my country!

  20. these pepl are senc less they even dont knw wht to say,,
    they talk about politics but not a single politions obey them

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