Celine Dion



This inspirational lady, has left a deep mark om brain and heart. I would like to share her few characteristics first :-

  • Unmatched Singer – Her singing capability is beyond recognition. All know her she is the person who when sing can make a whole city halt to listen her. Her songs will outshine Roman God of music Apollo.
  • Song Writer – Her original songs are beyond any explanation. The songs she writes becomes legend and all singers feel proud to sing her songs.
  • Fashion Icon – She has her own fashion style and fashion statement. She owns her own line of perfumes, clothing line. She is mad about foot-wears and she has plenty of them. Her clothing line is super-hit in market. She is fond of Gowns all kind… party, ball and all.
  • Real Lover – She is person who should be a “Love Guru“. Her love for her husband is beyond boundaries of age and world. Nevertheless the world made ample of fun at their marriage but she knew what her heart was telling her and it was absolutely right. Her love for Rene is unexplainable.
  • Dedicated Wife – She turned out to be a great wife. She sacrificed her career in form of hatius from music industry inorder to start a family. She’s been amazing wife and has been successful in mending and making a good family.
  • Excellent Mother – Her relation with her son René-Charles is unbreakable. She loves her son very much and take great care of him. Ever-since he was born she has been more powerful in her singing and her son not only real reflection of her as well as moral support besides her husband.
  • Responsibility Trait – Celine Dion was born to a large, impoverished family, she started singing at very small age. She looked after her family and supported them unconditionally. She has been greatly closed to her dad. At her Dad’s death she was broken but soon revived.
  • Wonderful Person – She is been actively taking part in nealy all charities I can recall. She knows how to help the people who are in peril, be it in Africa or be in America. She has actively taken part in many charity program in order to benefit the impoverished.
  • Enterpreneur – She is a great businesswoman. As I told before she has her own line of clothings, footwears, perfumes and many more. Her performance for Ceaser’s Palace was considered “one of the smartest business decisions in years by any major recording artist”. She earned millions by this. She is also a big gainer in all her album sales. It obvious that as soon as her new album approaches market, it is bought in such volume she reaches up the top-shot of Billboard Countdown. She has made millions in selling her albums.
  • Legend – She is legend already before crossing age 50. All artist are eager to share stage with Celine Dion. She has already sold 250 million records be it in form of Vinyl, Cassette, CDs, DVDs or Blue-Rays. She lies 12 highest selling artist (overall) and 3rd in Female Category.
  • Actress – Her music videos makes the heart of her fans thump harder and her fine action in videos has gained her recognition.

Thus, these are just fragment of the life of a wonderful person, who always dedicated her work to her fans. Her this trait makes me her great fan.


All my classmates and friends call me psycho when they see what a great fan I’m of her. She places a deep core place in my heart. Eversince I started listening her, I want to meet her.  Thats all I want.

If I get days, I’ll continuously write about her and not stop.


I have a great collection of  Celine Dion’s Pictures I could find from Internet. I’ve made them in gallery in form of page.
Do visit the page and give comments…..

THE LINK :-                      https://reasonsoflife.wordpress.com/celine-dion/




~ by anujjha on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Celine Dion”

  1. hi , i am a true fan like you , you said the words of my heart , i can’t end a day without listening to her songs ,people say that i am an idiot because my pc is full of her songs pics and … and i am very proud that listen to >>>> just <<<< her not anybody else that are so vulgar and impolite in front of cameras and in singing and wear almost nothing .

  2. I love your blog. Your quite the chatterbox(: I have a blog just like yours, I just put it up. Please check it out, (www.imoverdramatic.blogger.com) Nothing else was available, so I decided to do I’m Over Dramatic. (:

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