Sting In The Tail …..

Well I should had written this post earlier when my result was announced….

Well Im hit again… its not the thing which is unregular but I want to make a proper note of the incident again.

The result of 3rd year was announced around 22nd of July.
(One will ask why I never mentioned the incident earlier)

Well let me explain it clearly I secured 78.5% in my 3rd year 6th semester exam. A percentage to be proud of, nope to me. I was again given a blow on my face. I secured marks as follows :

External Exam :- 335
Internal Exam  :- 450
Summing upto  :- 785

To my great happiness I secured highest external marks in my college, but to my dismay Im around 12th or 13th or even lower in row of getting internal… (the fav* prevails)…

Next 2 nights were sleepless for me. I could’nt understand what I’ve done, not deserve good internal.
(This internal may seem good to everyone but our class scenario is somewhat different)

It may seem Im marks freak and all, but still still Im a student who want to improve his total percentage. I wont praise myself but still I worked really hard this year (my teachers witness to this). Which I got result in form of highest external marks in the college.
Still Im always made feel Im not good enough. Not even that, I secured around good marks in the internal written examination conducted in college.
See Im not remorsing of giving me very high internal marks … but still if they would had given me the internal I got last semester (467) I would have easily overdone the 80% barrier.

Well now I complain for none cause this time’s external is somewhat blow to some of my class fellas. (cause I’d seen faces of their)


~ by anujjha on August 26, 2009.

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