Love at sHoRt notice

Love At Short Notice

It all began with the Holy Chat engine, (you guessed right YAHOO !!), I found a girl. (Well all do whats new in this). Right.

This was a curious case (not like that of Benjamin Button), but ya a curious case.

Just chatting in Yahoo is what, my life made of (at leisure). You’ll find all type of guys and gals there, Straights to Gays, Gays to Lesbians, Lesbians to Bi-curious and to what-else you would never guess.

Well she was peculiar, troubled by all stray guys on chat group, who sniffs any girl who comes in the chat room. Well to the surprise she pinged me and mentioned she’d seen me.

Well, well, what do I find here, a secret admirer.

(I should mention that I have my pic at yahoo profile, which she might have seen).

Well, she studied in the college nearby mine. She might have seen me, on the way.

We chatted nearly in the month of February, March, April and I never met her. Its seems pretty funny, but the truth is, I never met her. It was my final semester and I was to go back to my city Lucknow. There were two months left. We finally made plan to meet in “The Great India Place Mall”, the Grand and Holy mall of NOIDA.

(To make a note I had decent cam chat with her earlier, so I know her by face)

But we decided to meet at bus stop near college, I bunked my lecture at 10 am and waited for her there. She was there but I couldn’t find her. Finally, I saw her, she was hid by a bus. As the bus departed I could see her. Well, my first impression was not so good. Now I was standing there sneezing on her due to dust and a word from my mouth came, ‘Sorry’.

We boarded the bus and went to the mall. As usual I talk a lot and I did the same thing. I didn’t let her complete her talk. I could see the frustration. We roamed there for few hours before been spotted by my few acquaintances. I was hiding from them for the other half of my date. Finally the date ended eating at Pizza Hut (I just had money enough to feed us ‘Pan for 4’).

Well, I dropped her home and I went back.

The chat continued for few days. We met once a week. Went to different places in Delhi and won petty competitions which are usually held at malls for promotions.

There was a kinda good bond between us. Though we knew the long distance relationship won’t work. We came to conclusion that, we would be breaking up, but we would be very good friends and will call often and will have at-least a final date-cum-meet.

Well, we met at TGIP, NOIDA.

I could sense her state. It was the day of break-off. She wanted to gift me a T-shirt.

We went to Pantaloons and did a thing. The scene was this, she chooses a Tee and asked me to try it. Well I came wearing that and asked her opinion. She was quick enough to push me in the change room and finally did little kinky stuffs .. Ahem.. Ahem… 😉

It was awesome 🙂

Well she made my day … hehehehehehe .. but parting with her after this made me more sad.

I gifted her a Jumbo Card and a Pen.(which she keeps with her wherever she goes – as per told by her) .

We finally bade adieus. With the tears in the eyes we parted and didn’t see each other again. Also never now opt for cam chat (because of the obvious reasons)…

Well, this love or whatever it was, was really good, and was one of my recent encounters ..

More of my recent different funny encounters to come, stay tuned …


~ by anujjha on May 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Love at sHoRt notice”

  1. Lucky you !!
    P.S.- I’m alive! hahaha

  2. ♥♥♥.,.,NICE;D

  3. loved it….:-(

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