Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

Jordin Sparks the winner of American Idol 6 has done it again… her second album “Battlefield” is in market.

As soon as I heard of off it, I went and bought the stuff. She has again presented a soothing series of songs so lively that made me dance on them.

According to me the album “Battlefield” is a mixture of contemporary R&B and Pop.

I would like to comment on each and every song then comment on whole album as whole:-

Song 1. :- “Walking On Snow”

A perfect song for the album to start with. A lively song explaining about the how a girl rebukes her lover of annoying her and comments that her love is like “Walking on Snow…without leaving a trace…” that is she can easily forget him if he tries to trouble her. The lyrics are strong. The music and beats are perfect to perfection.

Thumbs up “4.0 out of 5” for this song. This song lives upto my expectation.

Song 2  :-  “Battlefield” (Title -Track)

The title track of this album starts with a slow introduction but leaves no mark of friction in the song. To the surprise the co-writer “Ryan Tedder” is none other than singer of “Apologize” the longest running song on radio stations. Well the song also reminds me of “No Air” of her first self titled album “Jordin Sparks”. The same slowness in the beginning but tempo still brings out smoothness in whole work. This songs discuss about how two lovers always get engaged in love war on small issues. The singer wants to convey that even she feels bad on such relationship war and want to prevent the war of distrust in the “Battlefield” of relationship.

Thumbs up “4.0 out of 5” for this song. This song again is worth hearing many times.

Song 3  :- “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

This song is exceptionally well written. The song leaves mark in listener’s mind. As mentioned words of lyrics  are woven well intact. The song tells the agony of a lover how desperately she needs him. At one state she is eager “And just cause I think of you in bed” and at one instance says it doesn’t mean that she likes him means you can also take me granted “So what if I want to kiss… From your toes up to your lips… It don’t mean that you have me yet”.

Thumbs up “3.5 out of 5” for this song. This song again is good in listening.

Song 4  :-  “S.O.S (Let The Music Play)

This tempo and music reminds me of song “Freeze” of her earlier album. Well not my best song. “SOS”  doesn’t pull me towards it, but still the lyrics are exceptionally well written . The songs directs us towards the scene of party with the girl’s lover with another girl and having fun. The friends of repenting girl are messaging “S.O.S.” to all her friends around in order to tackle situation. “That crazy chick don’t know who she is messing with” says the friends to that girl who is alluring her boyfriend from her. The song about the love war between girls and how the friend helps her to get her boyfriend back. Atlast they succeeds in their errand.

The song is lively and tempts my feet to dance.

Thumbs up “4.0 out of 5” for this song. This song again is worth hearing many times.



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